About Vanessa

Why Vegan?

The reason I converted to a plant based lifestyle is my love and passion for all animals. Second was for my health. I saw my father suffer from stage 4 colon cancer and pass away. After that I was determined to continue my plant based lifestyle for the rest of my life.

It has been 14 years being plant based and I have never looked back. It all started my senior year playing division one basketball at Colorado State University. After becoming plant based I immediately noticed a difference not only in my performance but my energy level increased. I was able to recover more quickly after intense workouts. My strength increased while dropping body fat. I also was able to get through the winter months without getting the flu or even a cold.

After graduating from CSU I had the opportunity to play for the WNBA, but it was at the time of my father’s passing that I decided not to play in order to be there for my family. Months later I decided to take up boxing in my dads honor. I grew up in the boxing gym with my dad but never had competed until this point. My father was a professional boxer and one of the best feather weight fighters in the world.

Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports that I have ever done. Being plant based helped me with my stamina, recovery, and endurance which helped me become a 3x Colorado Golden Glove State champion. While boxing I also lifted weights everyday to keep my strength. I started lifting 15 years ago because I wanted to build body mass and strength to play college basketball. I was always the shortest player on the floor and wanted to make up for that with strength. It was always my dream to get a full ride scholarship and play pro ball.

After years of lifting and then changing over to a plant based lifestyle I immediately noticed changes in my physique. I became leaner while becoming stronger and my recovery was quicker. I even noticed my joints were not as sore after a hard lift.

Overall, I felt so much better, having endless energy and even to this day. 9 years ago I decided to start a personal training business. I took my passion of sports and incorporated it into a business. I do in-home training and specialize in strength training, boxing and basketball skill work. I have experience in working with all aspects of the population. I have trained elite athletes, kids, the elderly and people struggling with many types of injuries. Also, on the side of training I was an assistant girls basketball and strength coach for Regis Jesuit High School. At the time RJHS was one of the top 10 high school basketball programs in the US. Also winning a state championship that year.

Becoming plant based 12 years ago has completely changed my life for the better, in every aspect of my life. I feel so grateful that I found a plant based lifestyle. It has made me appreciate life more, that I am not harming any animals, hurting the environment and taking the best care of my health. My hope for the future that more people with embrace a plant based lifestyle and think of all the animals and the planet that we all share.